If the wheels on your car are not properly aligned, you may find yourself facing some problems. Misaligned wheels will affect your ability to control your vehicle and could also negatively impact on your car's fuel economy. Even if you take very good care of your vehicle, the wheels can still be knocked out of alignment by uneven roads and potholes. To keep your car in top condition, it is vital that you understand how to spot the signs that the wheels on your car are misaligned. Below is a guide to 3 signs you may need to have the wheels on your vehicle checked and serviced.

The tyres are unevenly worn

The easiest way to check if your tyres are misaligned is to check the tread on the tyres. When your wheels are properly aligned, wear will occur evenly across the surface of the rubber. However, if your wheels are misaligned, the tyres will appear much more worn on one side compared to the other. This is because one side of the tyre will be spending much longer in contact with the road surface. You should periodically check your tyres for signs of uneven wear. If you spot signs that this is occurring, you should take your car to the nearest auto repair shop so it can be serviced. 

The vehicle pulls to one side

When you are driving on a straight section of road, you may notice that you have to keep your hand on the steering wheel to prevent the car from pulling off to one side of the road. If the ground is level and you are not on a bend, the most likely cause is wheel misalignment. Misaligned wheels can cause the car to veer slightly in one direction when you are driving. Over time this issue will only get worse as the misalignment becomes more pronounced, so you should nip this problem in the bud by visiting an auto repair shop so your tyres can be realigned.

The steering wheel vibrates

Finally, you may notice that your steering wheel begins to vibrate when you are riding down a straight, level and smooth road. The most likely cause of this issue is a misaligned wheel which is pulling against the wheel opposite it. This tension creates vibrations which travel throughout the car but are most easily felt via the steering wheel.

If you would like further advice about keeping the wheels on your car pointing in the right direction, you should take your car to a garage so it can be serviced.